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Do you offer tours beyond Boston and Cambridge?

Yes. Popular day-out destinations are Lexington and Concord, Cape Ann, and Plymouth. Length of these outings is approximately 6-8 hours, depending on the itinerary.

Can we ask your advice as we plan our trip?

Yes, you may. Once you have confirmed your tour, we are happy to offer opinions and advice about your stay – your hotel choice, where to eat, and what to do.

Can we hire a guide to accompany our party even if it is not for a formally guided tour?

Absolutely. The essence of Boston Your Way is attentive service. We enjoy hosting visitors, such as a family or business party, who want help maximizing their time. For instance, we can help manage shopping excursions and museum visits and come up with some great spur-of-the-moment ideas.

How can we possibly sightsee in bad weather?

In Boston, we cannot count on the weather, so we try not to let it stop us, except for declared snow emergencies. You will have the benefit of comfortable vehicles and a guide to tweak the schedule, if necessary.

Why can’t I explore Boston on my own? They say it is small and walkable.

You can, and many visitors do. However, although Boston is small compared to New York or London, it is not that small and its layout can be confusing, even for residents. We nickname and abbreviate many places, neglect to put signs at intersections, tuck traffic warnings behind trees, and switch directions of one-way streets.

Yon your own, you also may miss what is “hidden behind the curtain” even in tourist centers. Guests have exclaimed they would never have discovered many of Boston’s secrets without our help.

Can we change our itinerary and do something different on the spur of the moment?

Of course you can! This is Boston YOUR Way. You can tailor your outing to suit your needs at any point – at the planning stage or in the moment.

Will we see only historic sites during our tours? Can we go shopping or stop for coffee?

Certainly! You may spend the tour anyway you wish. In fact, we factor such stops into the itinerary, and we help you keep track of the time.

What should I wear?

Most important -- Comfortable Shoes! You may be walking on uneven brick and cobblestone sidewalks. You also should be prepared for wet and/or windy weather. It is especially brisk near the Waterfront.

Who is the person behind Boston Your Way?

The founder and principal of Boston Your Way is Maryglenn Vincens. Raised in New York, she moved to her father’s hometown of Boston, when she was 20 “for just one year.” She stayed on to get a degree in history and became her family’s fourth generation Bostonian.

Today she lives in one of Boston’s great downtown neighborhoods, blocks from where her great-grandfather had a livery service. She has never stopped studying her city – its beauty, contradictions, innovations, and reinventions. Through Boston Your Way, she shares her passion and knowledge of the city to create a special adventure for visitors.

She is a member of the The Bostonian Society, Meeting Planners International, Old South Meeting, and former member of the Board of Directors of Women in Development of Greater Boston. She also has had a career in non-profit development and high-end client relations.